“Eva is a lovely, intuitive and welcoming therapist who gives a holistic treatment

that makes one feel very

seen and understood.

I wholeheartedly recommend

her treatments!”

Åsa R K


“I have been so helped on my journey. Eva is understanding and adapts our work to what I need, in the moment as well as in the long run. She is flexible and uses a combination of methods. She has been a fantastic support, making it possible for me to follow my dreams.”



“To grow and develop as a human being  is something we all want, even if it seems like late in life. To become better, even whole. To dare to hope that it is possible, is something very fragile, and maybe hard to find.

With trust and safe guidance, and an honest assurance that it can work, something different can be discerned and slowly take shape. 

Someone else, someone longed for, that I am forever grateful

that I was helped to become.

I wish everyone the same chance, because it is there. If you

consider taking the step, I recommend you to do it.

It is well worth it, whenever it happens.”

Niklas E

What my clients say


“Through the meeting with Eva (or maybe it was the meeting with Aniri) I felt the power to carry forward and trust myself. The meeting gave me hope and a belief that there is another road for me in my professional life. I was also acknowledged in my own spiritual development, and that brought me an increased trust in my life as well as my abilities. I wish everybody could experience the magic of receiving accurate guidance from something we

cannot fully understand.”



“I always feel empowered after seeing Eva. It’s exciting to follow her journey from being a traditional private psychologist to being a spiritual guide. The transition has worked very well for me, and I continue to develop with her help. Her solid background as a psychologist and our wide way of working also facilitate the exploration of my own spirituality.

Eva is very good at coordinating our work

with my current needs.”

Kristin L H


“I have received distance healing by Eva. She gave me a professional and personal treatment and all the practicalities with time and technique worked well. During the healing, Eva was silent which I appreciated a lot. It helped me to receive the experience with my full awareness. I was deeply moved and affected by the healing in a positive and unexpected way. The effect was obvious and lasted for the whole day, so I was pleased not to have things planned afterwards. It made it easier to fully take in the healing. Eva’s respons at the end of the session gave the experience further depth.”

Malena S



-delivers every time

-is completely present

-fully understands where you are

in the process

-helps you carry your problems and your

pain until you have your own capacity to transform, and continue in life

-shows you the greatest

respect and care

-is always well prepared when you

come and uses the time so that

you are helped every time.”

Client for five years