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You bring your question and I channel the response of my spirit guides - their name is Aniri. They are a group consciousness, with a devotion for humanity and our evolution. Opening and closing conversation with me. Session is held via Zoom and audio recording is included. 

45 or 60 minutes.

Online, via Zoom.


In addition to the verbal content of the response from my spirit guides, my voice has healing qualities/frequencies that have a positive effect on a subconscious level. It will benefit you to listen to the recording several times after the session. Use headphones. 


Healing is a way to open up for energy to flow in your body and your mind. The healing that takes place is not always what you have formulated or asked for, but it is always the healing that is the most beneficial for your growth. Healing is like surrendering the need to control and to say “Help me, please.” It opens up for a development that you could not see yourself, bringing you closer to what you really want.

We open and close with a short conversation. I share with you the inner images and the information I receive from spirit.

30 or 45 minutes. 

Online via Zoom. 

My time zone

is Stockholm,

Central European

Summer Time.

Boka tid

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My time zone

is Stockholm,

Central European

Summer Time.